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About Intex United

Founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1985,  Intex United has become one of the nationwide leaders in installing custom fabrication and architectural signage, way finding systems, monuments and code graphics.

Our fabrication plant is located on 8 acres in Southwest Houston Texas is capable of handling numerous large projects at the same time with ease.

Our determination to maintain the highest quality standards by using state of the art software programs and the latest machinery makes Intex United the smart choice.

We constantly strive to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of technology so that we can provide our client with the very best of what today’s industry has to offer. Our dedication to building long term relationships within the Design, Architectural and Construction community worldwide has never been stronger. We take an innovative approach to problem solving and we are dedicated to helping you complete your projects with a finishing touch that your clients will enjoy for years to come.

Concept - challenge - Solution

At Intex United, the fabrication of environmental graphics entails more than running blueprints through production. We are a premier service manufacturer of custom architectural graphics and signage products, with the facilities to create virtually any project imaginable. Yet technology is of little benefit without other, less tangible capabilities. What ultimately distinguishes Intex United is our approach to the creative process. We insist upon superior craftsmanship and are eager to collaborate with the architects and designers we serve to achieve cost-effective, innovative signage of lasting quality.


At Intex United, our goal is to assist clients in realizing their designs. Whether a signage project is destined for a high rise office building, an airport, a transportation facility, a hospital, a museum, an amusement center, a retail mall, or some other public space, we approach fabrication with passionate respect for design and aesthetic details. Intex United can also contribute to the long term success of environmental graphics programs by envisioning solutions for future signage adaptation as information needs evolve and color and design trends change.


Through the fabrication, finishing, installation and maintenance of every project we undertake, Intex United is a valuable partner. Our collaboration begins in the blueprint phase with expert consultation and reviews of appropriate materials and methods – even the construction of full-scale models if necessary – to aid clients in envisioning finished details. Of course, our relationship also depends upon timely production and installation. Our involvement can extend for years to come with a maintenance program that ensures a project’s continued integrity.


Intex United is capable of working with virtually any material that exists in fabricating architectural graphics. But the most beautiful architectural graphics in the world won’t serve a client well if they aren’t also designed to withstand their environment – whether they’ll endure wind loads or exposure to thousands of daily visitors. Intex United offers a definitive advantage in this respect: the company has civil and electrical engineers on staff whose knowledge of materials, mechanics and changing technology enhance every product.

Since 1984, Intex United has collaborated on major environmental graphics projects with some of the nation's most respected architects and designers.