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- Project Management

We are experienced full-service architectural signage and way finding manufacturing and installation professionals who will lead you through our services with confidence so your signage will create a positive brand experience and direct without confusion.

- Fabrication, Installation and Service

At Intex United, the fabrication of signage and graphics involves more than running blueprints though production. We are a premier manufacturer of custom architectural graphics and signage products, with the facilities to create virtually any project imaginable.

- Maintenance and Repair

Intex United is a valuable partner throughout the fabrication, finishing, installation and maintenance of every project we undertake. Our collaboration begins in the blueprint phase with expert consultation and reviews of appropriate material and methods – even the construction of full-scale models if necessary – to aid clients in envisioning finished details. Of course, our relationship also depends upon timely production and installation. Our involvement can extend for years to come with a maintenance program that ensures a project’s continued integrity.

- Permitting and Engineering

The company employs many qualified individuals, including engineers, and has an extensive drafting and architectural graphics department. We pride ourselves in the ability to work closely with architects and designers to develop their innovative concepts into cost effective, high quality products. In order to meet the client expectations, our attention is focused on fine detail, quality control and product efficiency.